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Is Chronic Cardio Hurting You?

As the Spring Break season approaches, you’ll see people all across the country attempting to get their beach bodies ready! In Southern California, it’s a different story, our beach bodies are on display year round. This causes us to look for the best ways to stay healthy and in shape, and many people often believe that Chronic Cardio alone can do the trick.

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What’s Chronic Cardio?

Chronic Cardio is frequent, long periods of exercise that typically focus on building endurance: running, biking and swimming are just a few examples. The purpose of Chronic Cardio is to be able to sustain a high heart rate for an extended period of time. I’m not talking about 25 minute morning jog to start the day, I’m talking about hours of cardio five to seven times a week.

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Can Any of This Actually Cause Harm?

Too much of anything can always be harmful, and that same principle applies when looking at the impact of Chronic Cardio. We all experience the physical fatigue associated with exercise, but we may not always feel what’s going on with our hearts. According to Mark Sisson, author of

The Primal Blueprint, “Unless you’re having a heart attack, your heart does not feel this same soreness or pain. The heart is a cardiac muscle, meaning it is incapable of tearing (like a bicep can with overuse.) In fact, the heart undergoes hypertrophy without us even knowing about it, and enlarges/thickens when overused.”

Our hearts are delicate, they’re keeping us alive every every second of the day. Too much Chronic Cardio can cause some serious damage to our most important muscle. Well, if too much Chronic Cardio is actually causing me harm, then what are some alternatives?

Alternatives to Chronic Cardio

Experts in the fields of health and medicine recommend integrating high intensity interval training into our workouts. This is what our human body is supposed to be doing anyways. Sisson also tells us that “the human organism is made for short, intense bursts of activity laid atop a foundation of frequent slow moving. We aren’t “supposed” to run as hard as we can for two or three hours.”

Photo By: Clem Onojeghuo

After cutting back on Chronic Cardio, and then implementing Interval Based Training, what else can we do? This is right where the team at Total Body Aesthetic steps in. Even with the right amount of exercise, there’s still some fat in troubled areas that our body just doesn’t seem to want to let go of. Pairing treatments from Total Body Aesthetic with a good workout routine is ideal for achieving and maintaining the body that you’ve always wanted.

Treatments such as Lipo-Sculpt, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Thermal-Lift, 3 in 1 Fat Removal, Cellulite Removal, Butt Lifts, Face Lifts, Full Body Contour, and Infrared Therapy are perfect candidates to accompany your new workout regimen. How amazing is it that ALL of these treatments are offered through Total Body Aesthetic!?

Why not reach out to the friendly staff at Total Body Aesthetic and see how YOU can benefit from these treatments? You can schedule your FREE consultation from Total Body Aesthetic today! Tel: 1-(833)-665-(BODY)2639

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