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Look Good, Feel Good

“Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you're working out, you're going to feel good.” - Jason Statham

Photo By Jamie Street

Above is a quote by Jason Statham, the actor from the world-famous Transporter films that first hit the big screen in 2002. On screen, Statham is known for his relentlessness and tenacity in accomplishing difficult “life or death” tasks. Off screen, the actor has a few principles that he chooses to live by, one of which being “looking good and feeling good going hand in hand”.

Looking good is important, and since the beginning of human existence, there has always been a desire in us to look good. That desire has continued into the 21st century, and now we have many routes we can take to achieving our ideal body. A lot of us have realized that diet and exercise doesn’t always do the trick. As much as you can try to get to the gym and eat right, we all live extremely busy lives.

One of those new routes we can take to reach our goal is known as traditional liposuction. This is what typically comes to mind when people think of the term “liposuction”. However, this “feel good” treatment may not actually make you feel good.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery lists over one dozen COMMON complications that patients experience after their traditional liposuction procedure:

  • Anesthesia risks

  • Bruising

  • Change in skin sensation that may persist

  • Damage to deeper structures such as nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs and abdominal organs

  • Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications

  • Fluid accumulation

  • Infection

  • Irregular contours or asymmetries

  • Irregular pigmentation

  • Need for revision surgery

  • Persistent swelling

  • Poor wound healing

  • Rippling or loose skin, worsening of cellulite

  • Swelling

In addition to all of the issues listed above, it can be close to impossible to simply keep the weight off after a traditional liposuction procedure. In an article written from WedMD, Dr. Pamela Peeke tells the story of a friend who pre-liposuction weight back on. “My friend had endured extensive liposuction and skin tightening procedures throughout her body to “neaten up”. The problem — she gained the weight back.”

Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? To go through a fully invasive procedure just to gain the weight back? I’ll pass on that. These procedures also take a ridiculous amount of recovery time, causing recipients of procedures to miss work, school, and all of the life that’s happening around them.

No one should have to go through all of this just to look good and feel good. This is why easier, safer, and more affordable options have hit the market, and of course, Total Body Aesthetic offers all of them. The best alternative that Total Body Aesthetic provides is their Lipo-Sculpt treatment. This treatment is similar, in principle, to traditional liposuction, with some very very distinct differences that need to be explained.

To begin, a Lipo-Sculpt procedure is non-invasive, meaning that your body won’t be cut up and left with nasty scars. This is not a procedure that will have you looking like a brand new person the next day. The treatment takes time, it’s a gradual reduction of excess fat, this allows your weight loss to appear much more natural than it would if it was with traditional liposuction.

The treatments are also painless, they take around 30 minutes, and patients are able to go right back to work after visiting Total Body Aesthetic for their treatment. We’re just a few months from our annual invasion of summer tourists, let’s make sure we’re looking and feeling as good as we can!

Don’t even waste your time exploring traditional, old-fashioned, antiquated liposuction. Total Body Aesthetic offers FREE consultations, giving patients the opportunity to sit down with a professional and make the decision that is best for them. If you are considering, or know someone considering body modification procedures, please don’t hesitate to call or email the team at Total Body Aesthetic; Tel: 714-875-2639 -

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