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Low Blood Sugar & It’s Relation To Infrared Sauna Use

We’re constantly being told that to improve the quality and longevity of our lives we need to eat the perfect diet and workout the perfect way. For some people this is no issue, but for many of us that are constantly on the go and juggling multiple responsibilities, it may be harder to always live the perfect lifestyle.

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What if I told you that by simply sitting down, you can achieve almost all of the same health benefits that you would with intense diet and exercise? Well thanks to Total Body Aesthetic and their state-of-the-art infrared sauna, this fantasy has now become a reality. The health benefits provided by the infrared sauna are absolutely endless, but few have a bigger impact than the regulation of your blood sugar levels.

Photo By: Agnieszka Boeske

A professor at the University of British Columbia has stated that “​infrared sauna use may be associated with improved quality of life in people with type II diabetes mellitus. Since many more are willing to spend time in an infrared sauna than, say, put time in at the gym or drastically alter their diet, Dr. Beever found more were willing to use infrared saunas in managing their diabetes when compared to other alternative lifestyle interventions.”

Many things come with this regulation of blood sugar levels, including the improvement of your blood sugar CIRCULATION. You may not realize that your stress and anxiety can actually be caused by poor blood sugar circulation. Exercise and diet assist in this circulation of blood sugar, but they don’t have quite the effect that the infrared sauna has.

Here’s what Good Health Sauna, one of the leaders in this emerging industry, had to say about the impact that the infrared sauna has on patients. “An infrared sauna can have physical benefits such as increased circulation and physiological benefits such as decreased stress. Infrared saunas are very effective at increasing circulation, which has health benefits along the same lines as regular exercise in stimulating heart rate and sweating out toxins.”

Photo By: Gregory Pappas

Once your stress and anxiety is under control, do you what you’ll be able to do much easier? SLEEP! And couldn’t we all use a more quality night of rest!? This will instantly have an impact on your productivity, energy and enthusiasm throughout the day!

Our blood sugar controls a whole lot more than you might think, but don’t let it control YOU! Take control of blood sugar levels and circulation by giving Total Body Aesthetic a call today!Total Body Aesthetic offers FREE consultations, giving patients the opportunity to sit down with a professional and make the decision that is best for them. ​Tel: 714-875-2639 -

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