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Red Light Therapy & All The Ways it Applies to Helping the Human Body

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Red Light Therapy was first used to help grow plants in space during the 1990’s. The intense red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) assisted in the growth and photosynthesis of plant cells.

This same discovery was then applied to humans, hoping that it would increase energy in our own cells.

The benefits associated with Red Light Therapy are almost overwhelming:

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Red Light Therapy and Knee Pain

With this wide-ranging variety of benefits, sometimes it’s best if we just focus on a few, such as: helping with knee pain, meniscus tears, cartilage regeneration, range of motion, and addressing the root cause of treating arthritis. Below are the ways that, a leader in Red Light Therapy, explains how Red Light Therapy can directly improve the mobility and functionality of the human knee.  

  • Knee Pain: Since 2015, a chorus of other studies in major journals have found that natural red light therapy significantly reduces knee pain from osteoarthritis.

  • Increased Range of Motion: Recent research on knee pain builds on previous research showing red light therapy not only decreases knee pain, but also increases functionality and range of motion.

  • Cartilage Regeneration: A 2017 study in Lasers in Medical Science assessed knee cartilage in animal studies and found red light very significantly reduced pain and improved knee cartilage regeneration through “biochemical changes.” In other words, it addressed root causes, not just numbed symptoms.

  • Treating Meniscus Tears: European researchers conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 2013 on pain levels in patients with meniscal pathology (meniscus tears). They concluded: “Treatment with light therapy was associated with a significant decrease of symptoms compared to the placebo group: it should be considered in patients with meniscal tears who do not wish to undergo surgery.”

  • General Knee Pain: Red light therapy can improve general joint problems that are unrelated to arthritis as well. A systematic review in The Australian Journal of Physiotherapy looked at 11 clinical trials of light therapy for chronic joint disorders in the knee. Across all of these studies, light therapy reduced pain while improving overall joint function.

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Red Light Therapy at Total Body Aesthetic

Exprecience all of the benefits of Red Light Therapy by stopping by Total Body Aesthetic! Total Body Aesthetic offers a multitude of treatments that incorporate Red Light Therapy, all you have to do now is just find out which one is best for you. Total Body Aesthetic offers FREE consultations, giving patients the opportunity to sit down with a professional and make the decision that is best for them. If you are experiencing, or know someone who is experiencing chronic knee pain, please don’t hesitate to call or email the team at Total Body Aesthetic; Tel: 714-875-2639 -

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