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Ultrasonic Cavitation vs. Traditional Liposuction

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Body contouring is not something that is relatively new, the practice has now been around for nearly a century. In the article, “The History of Body Contouring Surgery”, which can be found in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, it lists that the first major aesthetic accomplishment in contour surgery was in the year 1924, when the first umbilicus-preserving abdominoplasty was performed. Since then, rapid advancements have been made and the practice of body contouring and the desire for it has grown exponentially.

Now let’s take a look at two of the more popular options when it comes to fat reduction: ultrasonic cavitation and traditional liposuction. Before we can dive into the pros and cons of each, it’s important that we have an understanding of the two procedures.

Liposuction, as defined by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, involves removing unwanted pockets of subcutaneous fat. Traditional liposuction is solely a fat reduction procedure. “The procedure does not remove cellulite, dimples, or stretch marks. The aim is esthetic. It suits those who wish to change and enhance the contour of their body” (Medical News Today).

Traditional Liposuction requires that patients have a general anesthetic before the procedure begins. There are five main kinds of traditional liposuction: Tumescent liposuction, Wet liposuction, Super-wet liposuction, Dry liposuction and Power-assisted liposuction, all of which require small incisions to be made into the body. Once these incisions are made, a steel tube is inserted into the body to extract excess fat.

In an article published by the International Open Access Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it is stated that despite the overall satisfaction of patients and surgeons for liposuction for body shaping purposes, there is an increasing demand for noninvasive fat reduction methods that are similarly effective, yet comfortable and safe, and with minimal downtime.

This is where Ultrasonic Cavitation and Total Body Aesthetic come into play. Total Body Aesthetic provides patients with noninvasive fat reduction methods, one of those methods being Ultrasonic Cavitation. Ultrasonic Cavitation uses ultrasonic waves to turn fat cells into free fatty acids, which the body can easily get rid of.

Ultrasonic Cavitation oftens requires multiple treatments, allowing for a much more natural feeling towards achieving a patient's desired body type. In order to receive the best results from treatments, it is recommended that patients increase their water intake, maintain a healthy diet and to either begin or continue to exercise on a regular basis.

There are positives and negatives to every type of body contouring

procedure, nevertheless, more and more people are beginning to turn towards the noninvasive, minimal recovery time option of Ultrasonic Cavitation due to its numerous benefits.

These benefits include:

Reduction of cellulite

  • Your skin will become much smoother and that it was before the procedures began.

Change in body shape

  • As treatments continue, you will begin to see changes your body shape, and with proper diet and exercise, these changes will become permanent.

Non-invasive or non-surgical, no downtime

  • Like stated earlier, this is a noninvasive procedure. Nothing is inserted into the body and patients are typically able to return to work the next day.

No pain at all

  • This is a painless procedure, as opposed to traditional liposuction, which requires patients to take anesthesia be the process can begin.

Does not damage normal skin

  • Due to the fact that nothing is inserted into the body, there are no incisions that need to be made, which means that there will be no ugly scars left from the procedure.

Why wait any longer? If you are considering, or know someone considering body modification procedures, please don’t hesitate to call or email the team at Total Body Aesthetic; Tel: 1-(833)-665-(BODY)2639 -

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