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Ryan L. ·  5 STARS

· October 22, 2018

Been going on my 2nd week here to use infrared sauna. Sauna works well I sweat a significant amount and I have low body fat. Customer service is also great. They are super flexible with my schedule if tardy here and there for apt. Melissa is super chill and friendly as well as the owner kindra; who is also very knowledgeable. Great staff and competitive pricing. 5 star.


Susanjrosen · 5 STARS

· July 15, 2018

Thermage provided noticeably good results

Angela A. · 5 STARS

 · July 13, 2018

I have enjoyed services here at three locations. Nicole is fantastic. She explains the treatments, the benefits and is a very effective therapist. She sincerely cares about her customers...and, I have seen results!


Shelley A. · 5 STARS

 · May 26, 2018

Very caring gentle people. Good experience.

Kat C. · 5 STARS

· May 15, 2018

Nicole at Mission Viejo is the best tech! She is knowledgeable and very thorough. She knows exactly what you need and don’t need in treatments. Total Body Aesthetics in Mission Viejo is my favorite place for laser Lipo, cavitation and skin tightening. Ask to be scheduled with Nicole, she is the best in the business.

Heather L. ·5 STARS

 · May 10, 2018

Visiting Total Body Aesthetics was a wonderful experience. I was honestly and accurately informed about the procedure and made to feel welcome, comfortable and at home. The technician, Nicole, was fabulous. She definitely knows what she is doing, has lots of tips for helping the client get the best results and she is one of the most engaging and charming people you will ever meet. Brava!!!!

Sandee V. 5 STARS

· July 9, 2018

Great service and staff. The location has great access and parking.

Jacque J. · 5 STARS

 · April 26, 2018

The staff is very friendly and professional. I had appointments with, I think most of the woman that work there and they were all great. Totally recommend them. Best of all— My skin is improving in texture and fullness. I did a thermal lift. Buying more. A great place.

Pkessel999 · 5 STARS

Very helpful and explained the treatment.

Deborah H. · 5 STARS

· November 2, 2018

The staff are so very helpful and I love the treatment.

Racquel B. · 5 STARS

· October 21, 2018

It is our first time to go here with my husband . It was a good experience .I like the service and the price it’s worth it. Will be back again .


Jeannette G. · 5 STARS

· October 21, 2018

Wonderful staff and very reasonable prices. This stuff works!

Laura M. · 5 STARS

· October 20, 2018

Melissa is great! She explained the treatment, how it works and what to expect. It doesn't take long at all and the results last.

Jeanne B. · 5 STARS

· October 18, 2018

Staff is great, scheduling is easy, location is convenient, and the treatment really works!


Martha P. · 5 STARS

· October 16, 2018

I went this morning to try their infrared sauna, I had a nice experience. The young lady that attended to me was very nice and polite! 5 stars for the blond young lady!

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