What is it?

Liposculpt or Laser Lipo Body Conturing is done with a  High intensity 650nm light that transmits thermal energy into the subcutaneous fat cells, creating a chemical signal that causes the fat cell to break down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, releasing them though the cell membrane causing the cell to shrink through contraction. The fatty acids are then transported around the body to the tissues that will use them to create energy. Excercise after the procedure is required to metabolize the free fatty acids for permanent results. Liposculpt is the easiest procedure to perform and can be done while performing other procedures simultaneously.  

  • Safe, Proven Worldwide and Convenient

  • Affordable Options; Less Than $95 a month*

  • Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive - Pain-Free

  • Instantly Removes Targeted Fat and Cellulite

  • Pain-Free - Relaxing 20 Minute Procedure

  • See 2 to 3 Inches of Shapely Reduction Per Area

  • Allows Immediate Return to Normal Activities

  • Beautifully Reduces & Reshapes Targeted Areas

  • Provides Silky Smooth, Lifted Appearance 

  • Offers Stunning, Measurable, Real-time Results

  • Permanently Eliminates Targeted Fat Cells

  • Treats: Under Chin, Waist, Back, Thighs, Hips, Arms & Calves

Tel: 1-833-665-2639

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