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"Now there is a revolutionary fat busting procedure that literally melts your fat away, without ever having to go under the knife" 

- Dr. Mehmet  Oz,  The Dr. Oz Show

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"I rarely say this, but this is the real deal.  It melts fat.  Three to four treatments will produce 2 to 3 inches of loss in your waist line."


Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS Plastic Surgeon

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"Plastic surgeons have been searching for ways to remove fat without surgery. The best new technique is called focused ultrasound.  This technology is scientifically proven and is approved around the world"

 Arthur Perry, MD, FACS Professor of Plastic Surgery




"It is perfect for patients who have no desire for surgery, but are looking for reductions in problem areas. There may be some moderate tingling, but patients don't find this to be painful,"


-  Rod J. Rohrich, MD, former President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


"Liposuction alternatives are cosmetic techniques for body contouring and fat removal. They are touted as safer ways to eliminate unwanted pockets of body fat, because they don't involve needles, surgery or anesthesia and are said to have few side effects. They're meant for people who are generally fit but who have pockets of fat that diet and exercise haven't eliminated.  You can resume normal activities immediately after either procedure."


- Dr. Kenneth G. Barge  Mayo Clinic Emeritus Internist

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