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Voice of Reason This Holiday Season

Starting with Thanksgiving, building steam all the way through to New Year's, gatherings with friends and family is often the holiday normal.

The stresses of the holidays, not too mention the drinking and eating, can play havoc on your Total Body Aesthetic!

The good news is that there are always ways to minimize the affects of holiday cheer!

If you're going to drink, be sure to have at least one glass of water in between any alcoholic beverage. Water is your body's best defense, and your organs will thank you!!! Eating is the other story, and all the tempting treats are tough to pass up. That said, grazing a little here and a little over there, while also incorporating some leafy greens and heart healthy nuts along the trail, will go a long, long way. Remember, steady and sure wins the race!

We all want to blow off a little steam around the holidays, Lord knows we deserve some R&R as we near year's end! The key is to not veer too far off track from keeping your Total Body Aesthetic goals. So, let's put your best face forward with a quick therma-lift treatment before your next event! Then, once the dust has settled, the new year begun, come in for a free consult on where to go next! You loving You, is all the Thanks we need this holiday season!

Gift cards are also available, so put us on your Nice List or pick one up for a friend you'd love to slap a SmilE on!

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