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Working Out While on Vacation | Best Workouts & Tips

Spring is on the way! The arrival of spring also means the arrival of spring break, and although the much needed break is necessary, it’s important that we don’t get thrown too far off of our routines. Whether we’re spending this week in a hotel or in our own living room, there are plenty of workouts that can still be done without hitting the gym.

Living in California definitely has its benefits, while people all across the country spend months planning their perfect spring break vacations, we’re lucky enough to live in a city that is already such a wonderful destination. With that being said, many of us are likely to just stay at home and enjoy a week of rest and relaxation. Even if you do decide to travel, you may be stuck in a hotel room with limited exercise equipment! Don’t let that throw you off of your routine! Here are just a few simple workouts you can do from the comfort of your home.

Photo By Sam Knight

Walk-out Push-ups:  From standing, fold forward at the hips and walk hands forward on the floor until your spine is neutral and you’re in the push-up starting position (bend your knees if you must, but aim for straight legs). Perform a full push-up, then walk hands back toward your feet and slowly roll up, one vertebrae at a time, head last. This exercise concentrates on the shoulders, arms and back.

Wall Sit: With chest high, back straight, and weight evenly distributed between legs, press your back, shoulders, and head against the wall (no slouching!). Squeeze glutes and lower your body to knee level (like a chair), with hips in line with knees, knees in line with second toe, and hands in prayer position. Hold for 30-45 seconds. Focus here is in strengthening the core.

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Plank: In a push-up style position, bend arms at elbows, resting weight on forearms. Square shoulders over the crease of your elbow and lift hips in line with shoulders. Tighten abs, clench your glutes, and keep your body straight from head to heels. Aim for 30 seconds, rest and repeat. This exercise also focuses on the core.

Hip Bridge: Lower hips all the way down to the floor and then lift them up the the sky, placing weight on the shoulders not the neck. Aim for 2 sets of 10 reps with a 20 second rest between sets.

If you typically do your workouts in the morning, stick to that routine, this makes it easier for our bodies to readjust when the spring hiatus is over. One thing that can also throw us off of our typically routines is the amount of alcohol that we intake during the week.

When it comes to exercise and alcohol, you have to remember that alcohol dehydrates our bodies.

Photo By Clint McKoy

If you choose to workout after a night of drinking, it’s extremely important to drink plenty of water if expect to workout at the same intensity that you typically do. It’s also important to watch we’re eating during the week. Even though it’s okay to sneak in a few cheat meals, don’t throw away everything that you’ve been working towards. All in all, enjoy your spring break, but don’t get stray too far from your routine!

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